Essential barbecue tools and ingredients

Inventory of essential tools:Charcoal, alcohol, newspaper, lighter or matches

Inventory of essential tools:

Charcoal, alcohol, newspaper, lighter or matches

Grill, carbon clamp, grill fork, solder (grill needle), grill net

Food clip, oil brush, seasoning box, fan, knife, plate, chopsticks, paper towel, paper cup, garbage bag

Extra point tool count:

Tent, hammock, picnic mat, extra charcoal or liquefied gas, barbecue press, casual clothing, sunscreen, burn medicine, recreational equipment

Barbecue can be said to be one of the most free forms of eating, so the choice of ingredients also follow the principle of freedom, friends can prepare outdoor barbecue food according to their own hobbies and conditions

1 Lamb: Lamb is the star of the barbecue, the most suitable barbecue is lamb leg meat cut into small pieces, inserted in the braze, fat and thin more fragrant, but don't grease! The lamb will oil itself on the barbecue!

2 Pork: Must be cooked to eat, ribs, waist, buttocks should be tender and slightly fat pork, so that the roast meat will not be too dry.

3 Beef: optional beef rib ribs, fresh and tough; Beef shoulder is the most conducive to roast tender meat, beef should not be grilled to the whole cooked meat, will destroy the tender meat.

4 Chicken: Any part is good for grilling. Other semi-processed chicken wings, fillets and gizzards star on the grill.

Preserved meat: luncheon meat, sausage, bacon, easy to carry, do not have a flavor.

Seafood is another big part of the barbecue, but it's more difficult than meat. The key is to buy fresh seafood and seasonings.

Fish and seafood, such as live fish, shrimp, hairy crabs, scallops, squid, cuttlefish baby, etc. Squid is my favorite and fried chicken is recommended!

Fruits and vegetables: Adjust the greasy, simple production

Potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, yams, taro, greens, leeks, garlic, eggplant, green peppers, Onions, lettuce (meat wrapped in lettuce) Green peppers are all popular barbecue vegetables for outdoor grilling. Bananas, apples, walnuts and other fruits and nuts are also suitable for outdoor grilling. Flammulina mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and other fungi can also be eaten in the outdoor barbecue, and the taste is more fresh.

Condiments: chili powder (Lao Gan Ma), cumin, mixing oil, salt, barbecue sauce (sauce), seafood seasoning, garlic, ginger, scallion, five-spice powder, honey, ketchup, carrot sauce, sweet bean sauce, soy sauce and other barbecue sauce.

The staple food includes steamed bread slices, bread slices, pancakes, pizza and so on

Snack pear, pineapple, banana, papaya, apple, cantaloupe and so on

Drink cola (to greasy), mineral water, orange juice, herbal tea (fire), beer and so on

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